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"During the year, Oberoi Realty has seen a steady growth in volume and we are now beginning to see an increase in demand across segments.

This year, we intend to expand our retail portfolio and continue our emphasis on execution and delivery," he said.

Dixit Joshi, Reena Ranger, Vivek Oberoi, Ganguly, Manoj Ladwa Reena Ranger, Chairwoman & Founder of Women Empowered (WE) said, “The satisfaction and humility of doing good is reward enough with the added benefit of benefiting others –we make a living by what we get but a life by what we give.

"We must encourage philanthropy amongst ourselves; the world is a large place and it may seem like we cannot change it but if we each strive to make a change for one person then together we would have made a great difference.

A Rs15,400 crore deal with Daimler AG to supply a range of parts for future generations of Mercedes-Benz cars, and a proposal to buy Finland’s PKC Group for Rs4,150 crore are key to achieving the target.

Abhay Firodia, chairman of Force Motors Ltd, won EY’s business transformation award; Chandubhai Virani, whole-time director of Balaji Wafers Pvt.

"Sewa Day does not choose social activities, it is your choice and could be as simple as speaking for a little time with someone who was lonely.” Arup Ganguly, Chairman of Sewa Day added: "We are honoured and delighted to announce that Vivek Oberoi is going to serve as an Ambassador to Sewa Day."People such as Mr Oberoi, who have dedicated so much of their time towards helping those less fortunate, are a source of great inspiration to all of us.” Reena Ranger, Manoj Ladwa, Arup Ganguly, Vivek Oberoi, Gurinder Chadha OBE, Vikas Pota She said she was delighted to have had the honour of introducing Sewa Day’s newest ambassador and that Mr Oberoi was able to use Women Empowered as the platform to share his experience with others.Manoj Ladwa, Founder and CEO of the MLS Chase Group and Sewa Day trustee said: “Sewa is that special thing that will never come back to us once given.In the past also, a lot of Bollywood beauties have ventured out of the industry and settled down with corporate men.Mumtaz The beautiful actress of Bollywood dazzled the silver screen during the 1960s and 70s.

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Mumtaz married Indian origin Ugandan businessman Mayur Madhvani in 1974.

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