Updating the 4l60e

With over 650HP, this servo is what you need to make WOT 3-4 shifts.

Has the capability to give you the quickest 3-4 WOT shift. This "modified" Trans-Go Performance Shift Kit is very streetable, nice part throttle & firm WOT shifts. Works best with 10" or smaller diameter torque converter.

In the Beginning The 700-R4 was first introduced in the ’82 Corvette.

On paper, its specs looked pretty good: The trans had lower First and Second gears (3.06 and 1.63, respectively) than other automatics, its lockup torque converter offered potential fuel-mileage gains, and the 0.7 overdrive decreased the overall drive ratio by 30 percent.

Much more streetable than the "overkill" billet servo.

Comes with Viton apply seals & OE cover & guide seals. This Heavy Duty sunshell easily solves a somewhat common problem, the stripping out or the breakage of the rear splined area of the factory sunshell. This 3-4 clutch setup has worked very well, where many 2-3 upshifts and 3-2 downshifts occur in rapid succession, this is known as cycling, & where more heat than normal is generated.

The Beast is the strongest sunshell on the aftermarket available. This requires thicker steels to act as a "heat sink".

Synthetic automatic transmission fluid was our primary replacement fluid for durability purposes.The original versions had only downsized, 27-spline input shafts, one of many possible and common failure points.By 1984, 700-R4s intended for use behind small-block Chevy V-8s began to receive beefy, 30-spline input shafts similar to those found on classic TH350 and TH400 transmissions.But the original design was not considered a strong transmission, with failures behind even a mild 350 not uncommon.The trans was so weak that in its original setup, GM deliberately calibrated it to kick out of lockup and high gear under full-throttle, top-end conditions to avoid burning it up.

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