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TCNJ particularly and the Ewing area in general offer a variety of locations where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) students have resources available to them from mental and emotional health to friendship and community to religious and spiritual camaraderie.We hope that by making these locations visible and accessible for all LGBTQ students, we will continue to foster a safe, accepting, and understanding community.“Friends who I polled on this gave me examples where it seems that the most common physical appearance statements are made about height (mostly noting how tall they are, but sometimes adding “no short girls”), and often what their hair currently looks as if it isn’t represented in their photos.On both Tinder and HER, women are more likely to write that they want “feminine women only,” some going as far to say “no manly women,” echoing the sentiments of the Tweet at the top of this article.“We only have two filters at the moment: age and distance,” Robyn said.PRISM also acts as a support system and social outlet for its members.Delta Lambda Phi: The Colony of Delta Lambda Phi at The College of New Jersey is a gay, bisexual, and progressive male fraternity that is devoted to creating lasting bonds of friendship, promoting human equality, and making its presence known to the surrounding community.RESOURCES FOR LGBTQ TCNJ STUDENTS All students should feel safe, secure, and included in their campus communities, but for LGBTQ students, there is often the question of, “Where do I fit in on campus?” For both current and prospective students, safe spaces are not only a want but a necessity.

I have not encountered any "sex talk" but I do know people who are in relationships with people they met on trevorspace.

Instead, there is scrutiny over the racist, fatphobic, and other insults masquerading as “sexual preferences” on their profiles.

This made me curious about the way queer women use apps like Tinder and HER and if we are, in essence, doing the same things in the way that we specify “no butches,” “feminine women only,” “no ghetto chicks” and other statements in order to ward off prospective partners who we don’t see as “our type.” “I have seen apps/sites that allow you to specify ethnicity, race, weight preference, etc.,” says Lauren Hamilton, a frequent dating app user. I don’t want to waste time sending a message to a woman who prefers skinny, white women when I am certainly not that.”I asked the founder of HER, Robyn Exton, how many women specify the kind of appearance they are looking for in their profiles.“It’s a much smaller percentage than you might imagine,” she said.

I completely disagree with the review stating there is no moderation and that the members are all suicidal.

I have yet to come across ONE person who is currently suicidal.

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