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Next, after learning that you are qualified for the program, you should fill out the application for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program food stamps.

You can get the essential application forms by going to a SNAP office in the locality.

You could use this Worksheet_Change() macro - put it in the worksheet code module: 1 Then Exit Sub If Not Intersect(Range("A2: A10"), .

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I am using Acrobat Pro 9 for Mac with Mountain Lion.

I tried recopying the script in case it got corrupted.

Once you are approved for SNAP/food stamps your case will be “active” for a certain period of time.

This is called your “certification period.” You will have to recertify periodically to continue receiving SNAP.

Certification periods can range from monthly to every two years.

Most households that have regular earned income are on a twelve-month recertification period (semi-annual reporting).

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While this can be done manually, or by using circular references and worksheet functions, the best way of time or date stamping a change to a cell in the worksheet is usually to use a worksheet or workbook event macro. After that (as long as A1 remains populated), B1 will evaluate to a date/time and therefore will return the value in B1 - i.e., the date/time.

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