Real hermaphrodites

Pre-flowers develop where the leaf stems join the main stem (internodes).You quite often find they develop at the fourth or fifth join (internode) down from the top of the main stem.

Grow tip: Many people struggle to tell the difference between male and female marijuana during pre flowering.If the individual disagrees with “its” parents’ choice, would it be morally acceptable to switch once they become old enough to choose for themselves? I’m not trying to be ridiculous—I just would like to have a good answer.Dr Don Batten replies: The biological causes and nature of the (rare) human hermaphrodite condition are described in the article Creationism and the problem of homosexual behaviour (search for hermaphrodite).In this section you will learn everything you need to know about marijuana sexing, particularly when and how you establish the sex of your marijuana plant, as well as the little things you can do to increase your chances of growing a plant that is the sex you want.It’s possible to start telling your plant’s sex as early as pre-flowering which occurs between the fourth and sixth week of vegetative growth.

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He was asked whose sin was specifically responsible and he discouraged such a notion (John 9).

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