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Silverstone is mom to 11-month-old son Bear Blu, while Sisto is dad to daughter Charlie Ballerina, 2½, and his new son, 6½-week-old Bastian Kick.“Yesterday Bear started pushing this vintage chair his grandmother gave him,” says Silverstone, 35. He’s almost standing [on his own] and he’s walking with the chair.It's hard to believe it's been 20 years since "Clueless" introduced us to the singular world of spoiled '90s Beverly Hills teens and their fondness for plaid, horrible driving and strange phrases like "he's a Baldwin."The Amy Heckerling comedy was released July 19, 1995, with a cast of unknowns but became a cult hit and made a star of Alicia Silverstone.Two decades later, it's a cultural touchstone for a certain generation -- hello, 35-year-olds!These snapshots of the film's stars were taken on set by makeup supervisor Alan Friedman.

“We met at the farmer’s market and we have insane chemistry,” says Sisto of their roles on his new show. ” Quips Silverstone, “We’ll leave that to the audience to see.” because she was like, the star,” jokes Sisto, before quickly adding, “No, I’m kidding.” Now the two are parents.

Meanwhile she tries to balance the inaudible pangs of adolescence (Let's get crazy) with the audible pangs of agents (You can't get crazy, you have a photo shoot) and saves her good looks and enthusiasm for a party that has never been thrown. Alicia Silverstone, the prettiest girl in town, the next big thing, the star of nine movies in the past two years (including , in which she played a young woman who kisses and then tries to kill an older man, a movie that fixed her in the minds of many as a lustful, murderous, wildcat teen), an actress who with her appearance in Aerosmith's recent videos helped revive the band, the star of three upcoming films (, and she's stranded on a hill – a knocked-out, dreamy-eyed little Rapunzel waiting for some spectacle grand enough to allow her to let her hair down.

"If this is the life of a star-let," she says, sighing, "it's a yawn." .

No wonder Iggy Azalea paid homage to the film last year in her video for "Fancy."Loosely based on Jane Austen's "Emma," the movie cleverly updates that classic story of romantic entanglements for the flip-phone crowd.

Over the ensuing 17 years, however, Silverstone and her fellow cast members - including Paul Rudd, Stacey Dash, Donald Faison, Jeremy Sisto, Breckin Meyer, Justin Walker and the late Brittany Murphy - came to appreciate Cher and the effect that the million comedy came to have on their lives.

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