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It’s a fate that befell both Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates after they died, George Best and Robert Maxwell too, and countless more besides.

When David Bowie passed away in January, his first wife Angie elected to write a piece for the , doesn’t fall entirely comfortably into this category.

None actually had a Hemi motor, but rather 318-440 motors. One other note that I would like to say is that since I used to live in the Bay area during the duration of the series, I always wanted to be an extra on the series. The only thing that I would say is that since SF was a great place wher Nash and his Sexy '70-'71 Plymouth Baracuda (my favorite classic car!

) made it's way onto TV I would really like to see this show go into DVD one of these days since this is by far one of the best crime dramas in history in simialar to The Price is Right of Cop Shows!

Despite a few one-off performances — an special in 2001 here, a Fugees reunion in 2004 there — Hill basically took herself out of circulation for a good portion of the Aughts.

Iggy Pop immortalized Starr in his 1996 song "Look Away." By then she'd become a dealer in Reno, Nevada, where she sadly died of brain cancer in 2009.She also sits at the center of rock's most famous baby-daddy love quadrant.From 1972 to 1979, Buell lived with Todd Rundgren, and in 1977 she had a baby girl, christened Liv Rundgren.Though plenty of personal details are revealed – Reed liked the idea of orgies (even if Kronstad didn’t) – it isn’t salacious enough by far.Rather, it’s a love story, but one that does go some way in dismantling the myth that all rock legends, even dysfunctional ones, enjoy, painting him instead as an intensely vulnerable individual prone to violent mood swings.

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