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Accommodating workforce diversity means resolving challenges associated with workforce diversity to improve the workplace and its employees.Human resources leaders look for the return on investment in training and development materials; however, it’s often difficult to measure what percentage of money spent on training is actually worthwhile.One of the buzz phrases among human resources staff and leaders is “workforce diversity,” a phrase intended to mean everything from racial diversity to diversity between generations in the workplace.Learning workforce diversity concepts through training seminars and workshops is one thing; actually developing ways to accommodate workforce diversity is another. Kraft In these difficult economic times, many solo and small firm lawyers are considering diversifying their practices.Before you forge ahead into new territories, however, you might do well to consider some of the factors that go into wooing and working with new categories of clients.The investment in diversity training is especially difficult to measure because the learning objectives and the manner in which employees absorb information are far too subjective for discrete measurement.Accommodating workforce diversity demonstrates that the money invested in training does work – when employees put to practical use knowledge gained through diversity training, it’s obvious that at least a portion of the money was worth the investment.

Duration: 5 minutes : 39 seconds Christopher Barnatt (Nottingham University Business School), Mary Chapple (School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy), Wyn Morgan (School of Economics).

So if you're saying the idea is to get them up to a certain level in mathematical skills, for example, then you're going to have to accept that there are some students there who will have some ability already.

So: "OK, look, there may be elements of this lecture that you're going to have heard before.

Diversity in the workplace involves valuing and respecting different experiences.

It also includes the awareness of the challenges some employees face.

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