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Dawn breaks in Utah as we start tonight's audition episode in Salt Lake City.Our judges tonight are Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and guest judge Adam Shankman. ) Witney [sic] Carson has been ballroom dancing since she was 8 years old and she's doing a chacha/tango that she describes as "sensual, sexy" even though she still looks about 14. Her 16-year-old partner isn't old enough to try out for the show.Straight up Paula is a better judge here than she ever was on American Idol, which we knew from when she guest-judged. Jason was able to identify with the young contestants. Check out eight reasons why we missed Mary Murphy on : 1. For season 14, she’ll join regular judge Nigel Lythgoe and newcomer Vanessa Hudgens.has hit the reset button for its 12th season, and while the stage-vs.-street twist is intriguing, Monday's premiere lacked a certain excitement. The veteran judge with the piercing voice and -worthy smile was released from her contract last year and replaced with incoming judges Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo. How else could we tell if someone really brought their spicy, sexy side?Tim Conkle Tim Conkle stepped on stage carrying a Selena Gomez backpack (odd) and a schoolboy schtick about learning to dance so he could get girls.The minute "Moves Like Jagger" played and he started to kick, jump and spin across the stage, I confidently announced for no one to hear, that this karate/dance combo style of dance would get him through to the choreography rounds.

He is noted for being the producer of the shows Pop Idol and American Idol as well as creating, executive producing and being a regular judge for So You Think You Can Dance.

We start with Mary reminding everyone with what she's not looking for, while Adam Shankman demonstrates the moves: 1. No self worship ("the rubbing and the touching") and 3. She's got the speed and precision you look for in this kind of Latin ballroom dancing.

Nigel compares her favorably to past contestant Anya Garnis and then says she has a "smoking hot face" -- NIGEL, she's still wearing braces. We get a montage of "underground" dance styles showcased on the show, like the "bounce," "the wobble," etc.

After a brief showing of his barely-there ballet skills, the judges sent him straight through to Vegas.

I was personally shocked, and actually yelled, "OH NO WAY!

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Together, they gave informed opinions, were good sports in the face of the ridiculous and were kind with their critiques.

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