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The vendor, a pretty woman named Marianne, offers to sell him some.

He asks what the cheapest bouquet is (), and asks for half of them.

In those few brief but immensely touching sentences, Cohen — who wrote poems and novels before he composed songs — revealed the brilliance that made beautiful women fall for this notorious ladies’ man throughout his career.

They had dalliances with other people — in Marianne’s case, it was a brief affair with a blond and brawny Englishman, Sam Barclay, a member of the banking family, whom she met after his yacht dropped anchor at Hydra. ‘She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever known,’ says Steve Sanfield, a long-time friend of Cohen’s.

MANILA, Philippines — The relationship between the Philippines and the United States (US) does not depend on one individual, particularly President Rodrigo Duterte, the US Department of State said.

US Department of State spokesperson John Kirby reiterated that the American government is committed to its bilateral relationship with the Philippines despite Duterte's recent tirades.

He then kissed her on the head and left the room, saying only ‘So long, Marianne’, which is the title of a second famous Cohen song about her.

He finally meets Zindy as she gets off the bus, where she complains of a terrible smell.

The two then walk to the park, where she realises the smell is emanating from Zoidberg, at which point she vomits and leaves him forever.

OVER THE TITLESOleg Cassini and Grace Kelly at the premiere of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, 1954—two years before she married Prince Rainier.

Cassini later said, “Grace told me she would rather be a princess than a countess.” From Bettmann/Corbis; digital colorization by Lorna Clark.

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