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Read entire article » By Katie Jordan Youth Journalism International BRISTOL, Connecticut — (September 11, 2001) I first heard about it at lunch.

When users enter their login information, it goes into the hands of malefactors.

The phishers can then log into users' dating profiles, change the password and lock legitimate users out.

The Leake site is a Native American archaeological site that is located along the Etowah River southwest of Cartersville, Georgia in Bartow County. The site was excavated in advance of the widening of State Highway 61/113, with over 50,000 square feet excavated.

The site contains the remains of an American Indian occupation that lasted from approximately 300 B. The Leake site archaeological investigation revealed that this site represents a major center during the prehistoric Middle Woodland period, figuring prominently in the interaction among peoples from throughout the Southeastern and the Midwestern United States.

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Unfortunately, the earthen mounds at Leake were razed in the 1940s for use as road fill when the Dallas - Rockmart Road (State Highway 61/113) was moved to its present location, so that we know relatively little about the later stages of the mounds.

Before rooting out the real reasons and giving the finger to culprits, stop reeling, be calm and tell yourself that reality is more complicated. I pray that everyone who lost a loved one is consoled and I also pray that our …

Read entire article » By Mike Nguyen Youth Journalism International BRISTOL, Connecticut — (September 11, 2001) Well, as if my day could get any longer or eventful, this happens. The worst place to hear about a terrorist strike and New York City in shambles is the rumor mill at your local high school.

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