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Regaining confidence Displaying your confidence Responding with clarity Community Q&A Have you ever had an intimidating person leave you speechless, causing you to feel that you didn't have any courage to talk? It joins death and taxes as one of the few certainties in life.Emotional Anger, disappointment, distress, fear, frustration, mistrust, resentment, humiliation.Physical Insomnia, hair loss, weight loss/gain, headaches, stomach upsets, viruses and colds.In another study 69% of US workers compared bosses with too much power to toddlers with too much power. Significant percentages of US workers describe their bosses as follows: Most bosses aren’t surprised by these statistics.A DDI study found that 64% of managers admit that they need to work on their management skills.

If the boss begins to rant and rave, you can leave and say, "I'll come back when you are calmed down and civil." Think of it as a chess match, and be prepared several "moves" in advance. Your coworkers might follow your lead and start to stand up to the difficult boss as well (although you should be prepared for the boss to try to turn them against you, or for your coworkers' possible lack of support). Workplace Bulllying Gary Namie & Ruth Namie (2009).

As long as intimidation is going to be part of our lives, we might as well learn how to deal with it, resist it, and even use it.

The key to doing this is to understand the dynamics of intimidation and the motivation of those who attempt to wield it.

The stress your boss causes is bad for your health.

Multiple studies have found that working for a bad boss increases your chance of having a heart attack by as much as 50%.

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