Elaboration reviewing and updating

"In writing the literature review, the purpose is to convey to the reader what knowledge and ideas have been established on a topic, and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

The literature review must be defined by a guiding concept (e.g.

All works included in the review must be read, evaluated and analysed (which you would do for an annotated bibliography), but relationships between the literature must also be identified and articulated, in relation to your field of research.

"The spirit of this is right in line with everything I could have hoped for, and it also benefits from being written in regular human being words.""If one assumes that the spirit of sharing in which they presented these initial thoughts is a signal about how they seek to have this process unfold, that’s a very positive way for HHS and its Office for Human Research Protections to kick off the process," added Felice J.

PMID: 20171303 Full-text PDF documents of the PRISMA Statement, checklist, flow diagram and the PRISMA Explanation and Elaboration document are available from: A, Altman DG, Tetzlaff J, Mulrow C, Gøtzsche PC, Ioannidis JP, Clarke M, Devereaux PJ, Kleijnen J, Moher D. The PRISMA flow diagram is available in Korean as a PDF, in Russian as a PDF document, in Portuguese as a PDF and Word document and in Italian as a PDF document. PMID: 26348799 PRISMA-Abstracts: Beller EM, Glasziou PP, Altman DG, Hopewell S, Bastian H, Chalmers I, Gøtzsche PC, Lasserson T, Tovey D; PRISMA for Abstracts Group. PMID: 23585737 PRISMA-P: Moher D, Shamseer L, Clarke M, Ghersi D, Liberati A, Petticrew M, Shekelle P, Stewart LA. PMID: 25554246 PRISMA-IPD: Stewart LA, Clarke M, Rovers M, Riley RD, Simmonds M, Stewart G, Tierney JF; PRISMA-IPD Development Group. PMID: 25919529 PRISMA extension for network meta-analyses: Hutton B, Salanti G, Caldwell DM, Chaimani A, Schmid CH, Cameron C, Ioannidis JP, Straus S, Thorlund K, Jansen JP, Mulrow C, Catalá-López F, Gøtzsche PC, Dickersin K, Boutron I, Altman DG, Moher D. PMID: 26030634 PRISMA-harms: Zorzela L, Loke YK, Ioannidis JP, Golder S, Santaguida P, Altman DG, Moher D, Vohra S; PRISMA harms group. PMID: 26830668 Guidance for developing protocols for systematic reviews and meta-analyses is provided in the PRISMA-P Statement.

The PRISMA checklist is available in Korean as a PDF, in Russian as a PDF document, in Portuguese as a PDF and Word document and in Italian as a PDF document.

Our full catalogue of reporting guidelines is available to download as a PDF: Reporting Guideline Catalogue May 2014.

You can read the explanation and elaboration paper in any of these journals using the links below. PRISMA-Equity 2012 Extension: Reporting Guidelines for Systematic Reviews with a Focus on Health Equity. Extending the PRISMA statement to equity-focused systematic reviews (PRISMA-E 2012): explanation and elaboration. Study flow diagrams in Cochrane systematic review updates: an adapted PRISMA flow diagram. Visit our Help page for information about searching for reporting guidelines and for general information about using our website.

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Complaints have come particularly from those who work in social science and some humanities fields such as history and journalism, who say the burdensome process can slow their work to a crawl, even though it typically poses little threat to participants.

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