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Facebook business pages are designed to help you connect with your audience while giving readers the opportunity to share your content with their community. You probably already know about Edge Rank if you read Social Mouths frequently, but just in case here is a quick explanation: Edge Rank is the algorithm Facebook uses to determine where your post shows up in the newsfeed and how long it stays there.This doesn’t work so well when, according to Facebook, the average brand post only reaches 16% of fans. There are three main components that you should know about: Affinity: By measuring how connected you are with the user or brand, Facebook delivers relevant content based on your ongoing relationship including any relationship your friends have with a certain page.“If something urgently needs my attention, someone will call or text me.”Not all of us can roll into the office whenever our Vespa happens to get us there, but most of us with jobs that don’t require constant on-call awareness can trade e-mail for organization and single-focus work.It’s an idea that serves as the title of Julie Morgenstern’s work management book , and it’s a fine strategy for leaving the office with the feeling that, even on the most over-booked days, you got at least one real thing done.So you’ve probably set up a Facebook page for your business and you’re wondering how all of this engagement is paying off.Social media can be a major time waster if done incorrectly, and where is this so-called social but at the same time you can’t forget to think about how social marketing plays a role in the customer lifecycle.

This post will give you 17 killer Facebook post ideas for small business owners that WILL work, by generating lots of likes, shares and comments, as well as increased clicks through to your website.

(check out their contest/giveaway rules here)If your poll collected data that would be interesting to your audience, share the results in a separate Facebook post.

One strategy I have seen some business owners using is offering the results in a free downloadable report (in exchange for an email address, of course! If you follow me on Facebook, you know this is a strategy I use every single day!

Weight: Facebook considers posts with photos or videos more valuable than posts with plain text or links.

This type of visual content will rank higher in the newsfeed.

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Remember when you used to have a period at the beginning of every day to think about your schedule, catch up with friends, maybe knock out a few tasks?

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