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We let them know that we respect their perception of things at that moment. Just the other day we took a small boy to the doctor's office and I asked him if he was a little bit scared.

We help them feel heard, acknowledged, understood and accepted. It was obvious by his face that he was scared and I wanted to share, understand, and validate his feeling.

Sometimes validation entails listening, sometimes it is a nod or a sign of agreement or understanding, sometimes it can be a hug or a gentle touch. But after I asked if he were a little bit scared and before he had a chance to answere the other social worker interupted us and in a scolding tone of voice told him there was nothing to be afraid of! When someone is experiencing a strong feeling, sometimes we "try to help" by telling her or him "it's not so bad." This attempt to minimize the negative experience -- to save someone from the struggle, actually undermines the effort to help.

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For others, it doesn’t exist, they never saw it and don’t what it looks like, which means that the language must be taught and learned.

The language of intimacy makes for an emotionally nourishing exchange between two people characterized by deep caring and understanding.

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We are demonstrating that we will still accept them after they have shared their feelings. How strongly are you feeling that (on a scale of 0-10)? We feel connected with them and they feel connected with us.

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Intimate is a term that aptly describes an emotionally nourishing relationship.

It follows that if our relationships are intimate and ever-deepening, we’ll be balanced and growing, and the quality of our lives will be fulfilling and meaningful. It seems that for some people, this language comes naturally, just happens, just flows, as if it were inherent in their beings, as if they were born with it.

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Avoiding Non-Validating Responses Using Validation Techniques Providing Micro Validation Community Q&A Validating feelings involves recognizing someone's feelings and acknowledging them as important.

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