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Rumors of unprofessional conduct on sets and other bad behavior have long plagued the Bynes-hating tabloid fixture, making it no big surprise that she's had a notable gap in employment since her role in 2010's unintentional comedy event of the season.

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She has also been featured in the main theater productions.

With less-than-flattering headlines routinely calling attention to Lindsay Lohan's every move, it's easy to forget that it was acting, not alcoholism, that initially put her on the map.

We will tell you all about her regarding her career and success.

Bernard started her career in television from the tenth season of ‘Happy Days,' where she played the role of K. She then appeared as a guest artist on various television shows, but her breakthrough came after she got a major role in the TV series ‘Wings’ for the entire series. Her singing career did not take off, despite her efforts.

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