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In her first major interview in 30 years, the 63-year-old said: ‘Björn wrote it about us after the breakdown of our marriage. The catalogue of disasters includes two broken marriages and a series of failed love affairs, a road traffic accident in 1983 – when she was thrown out of the window of a bus on a solo tour – an accumulation of phobias, the suicide of her mother in 1994 and the persistent attention of stalkers, with one obsessive ruining her last album release in 2004 (her first since the 1980s) when his threats caused all interviews to be suddenly cancelled.

The fact he wrote it exactly when we divorced is touching really. It was fantastic to do that song because I could put in such feeling. We meet in a brick, wood and slate house overlooking a sparkling lake on one of the many islands that surround Stockholm.

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I am hanging out in the kitchen, a little bit tense, as she’s somewhere in this house having her make-up done.

She is excited about her album and a little nervous, but it is full of lushly orchestrated numbers, every track about love and heartbreak, including a seductive duet with Gary Barlow. ‘I will always be compared with Abba, with what was.

I thought my previous record in 2004 was going to be my last.

It’s not very common that you do records when you get past 60.

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