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A man who was already wanted for skipping a court hearing earlier in the day was taken into custody late Wednesday after he tussled with Stafford County deputies who had responded to a domestic disturbance at his home, police said.Two area men are facing federal conspiracy, robbery and firearms charges in a half-dozen holdups of convenience stores last year in a case that was allegedly cracked in part by a careless Craigslist ad.The Fredericksburg Police Department requests the public’s assistance in locating Ty–Reik Houston–Tiebout, 26, of Fredericksburg, who is wanted on two charges of domestic assault and battery, two charges of strangulation, and one charge of malicious wounding.

Commonwealth of Virginia 05/02/2017 Trial court erred in refusing to admit appellants statement to the victim at the time of the burglary and in doing so effectively prevented appellant from offering relevant and admissible evidence in support of his defense that he lacked criminal intent 1524163 Pittsylvania County Department of Social Services v. Commonwealth of Virginia 04/25/2017 No error in appellants perjury conviction where appellants sworn statements were false, willfully made, and material; trial court did not err in admitting appellants sworn criminal complaint where Commonwealth properly authenticated the criminal complaint 0437163 Amanda Marie Thomas v.Martha Gosney 05/02/2017 Judgment of trial court reversed and final judgment entered where trial court was without jurisdiction to hear appellees appeal as appellant is a unit of county government and exempt from the Virginia Administrative Process Act 2074151 Carlun Fontaine Hart v. Commonwealth of Virginia 04/25/2017 Trial court did not abuse its discretion in determining appellants sentence when it imposed an additional three-year term of suspended incarceration conditioned on post-release supervision 0897164 Jonathan Lamar Marks v.Commonwealth of Virginia 05/02/2017 Upon a Rehearing judgment of trial court affirmed based on trial courts alternative finding that it believed victims testimony and Supreme Courts recent decision in Commonwealth v. Commonwealth of Virginia 04/25/2017 Trial court did not err in denying appellants motion to suppress where the search warrants were supported by probable cause; trial court did not err in denying appellants motion for a Franks hearing where appellant failed to make the requisite showing 1041161 Dwayne Demario Marrow v.Commonwealth of Virginia 04/04/2017 Trial court erred in finding evidence sufficient to convict appellant of felony child endangerment where there was no evidence of a substantial risk or probability of serious injury or death to the child arising from the accident and appellants actions do not rise to the level required for a felony conviction 0294163 Anthony Wade Ragland v. 03/21/2017 Trial court erred in ruling that appellant should have granted the appellees motion for a continuance; matter remanded to trial court to reinstate judgment revoking appellees license to practice medicine 0543163 Amanda Barbara Nichole Taylor v. 03/14/2017 Trial court erred in concluding decision of appellant prohibiting appellee from testifying as an expert witness at her hearing was a due process violation; lack of specific proffer as to what her expected testimony would have been does not allow Court to say that appellee suffered prejudice from the erroneous ruling 0051162 Gregory A. Commonwealth of Virginia 03/07/2017 Appellants conviction of indecent exposure third offense in ten years reversed and remanded to trial court where trial courts conviction orders do not reflect that appellant consented to a waiver of his right to trial by jury or to a bench trial as required by the Constitution 0047164 Carroll Edward Gregg, Jr. Commonwealth of Virginia 02/28/2017 Trial court erred in imposing consecutive sentences for convictions of common law involuntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter in violation of Code 18.2-154 as it violated the double jeopardy violation against multiple punishments for the same offense 0877161 Jeff Charles Hammer, M. Commonwealth of Virginia 01/24/2017 Trial court did not err in admitting statements under the excited utterance exception to the hearsay rule or in finding evidence to sufficient to convict appellant of malicious wounding, two counts of assault and battery, and driving under the influence 1640153 Michael Scott Coffman v.Commonwealth of Virginia 03/28/2017 No error in trial courts finding that appellant possessed a cellular telephone in a jail facility without permission 1281162 Virginia Board of Medicine v. Commonwealth of Virginia 03/14/2017 Trial court did not err in refusing to strike a potential juror for cause wheres jurors unequivocal statements indicated he could set aside his preconceived opinion and decide the case solely on the evidence produced at trial 1291162 VA Board of Medicine & VA Department of Health Professions v. Commonwealth of Virginia 01/10/2017 Trial court did not err in admitting certificate of analysis of a blood sample obtained by a registered nurse not designated by order of a circuit court where Code 18.2-268.5 properly authorizes registered nurses, by virtue of their licensure, to withdraw blood for purposes of establishing the blood alcohol content 0524161 Junious P. City of Newport News Department of Human Services 12/20/2016 No error in trial courts finding that it had subject matter jurisdiction and active jurisdiction where the form petition signed by a nonattorney employee of appellee was a valid pleading that did not constitute the unauthorized practice of law by those employees 0628161 Arete Nicole Rudolph v.

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These opinions are available as Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. Commonwealth of Virginia 02/21/2017 Appeal dismissed insofar as it pertains to merits of appellants conviction where notice of appeal was not timely filed regarding conviction; law of case doctrine prevents reconsideration of prior decision of this Court in this case regarding appellants sentence 0328161 Antonio Passaro, Jr. Virginia Department of State Police 02/21/2017 Trial court did not err in affirming decision of hearing officer declining to reinstate appellant to employment where hearing officer did not act contradictory to law 1460153 Raymond Louis Harvey, Jr. Commonwealth of Virginia 02/21/2017 Trial court erred in denying appellants motion to dismiss the indictments where appellants right to a speedy trial was violated and he did not waive his right to a speedy trial 1937151 Chezmin Brittany Suter v.

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